Mr. Abdallah Abubakari, the Northern Regional Minister has commended the Seventh-Day Adventist Church, for its continuous contributions in the area of health, education and some other social interventions towards the socio-economic growth of the country.

According to the Minister, the church apart from these contributions has also been providing training in moral and spiritual values to its members and the younger generations.

He stressed that government alone cannot help to meet the demands of the growing population hence the need for the private sector to collaborate with government to achieve the set goals.

Mr. Abdallah Abubakari made the remarks during the Annual Camp Meeting of the Tamale Sector of the Seventh-Day Adventist Church at the Hospital Road SDA Church last Saturday.

The annual camp was aimed at reflecting on the activities of the church, a platform to educate the youth as well as a period to show appreciation to God for the blessings bestowed on the church.

The Minister also commended the church for venturing into agriculture to increase food security of the country adding that, government alone cannot initiate programmes to meet the demands of the citizens.

He urged the leadership of the church to continue with their contribution to help alleviate poverty in the country since their activities are all geared towards the welfare of the people both mentally and spiritually.

Mr. Abdallah called on the leadership of the church to adopt an innovative measure that will not concentrate only on spiritual aspects but will lead to partnership with non-governmental organizations (NGOS) to augment governmentโ€™s efforts in the provision of food, water, schools, health facilities among others to meet the yawning needs of the people.

Commenting on the election 2016, Mr. Abdallah urged the youth not to allow political parties to influence them to cause chaos towards the 2016 Presidential and Parliamentary elections. He said โ€œyou are the future leaders of this country and if you allow anybody to jeopardize your future, you will be doomed foreverโ€.

He commended the organizers for their ability to mobilise such a great number of young ones adding that the youth are the energetic ones that can be used to effect changes in society.

He however bemoaned the negative use of the social media by the youth in engaging in indiscipline activities but rather admonished them to use the media to propagate peace that can attract more investors to tap into the potentials of the region, to create more jobs for them. He also encouraged them to use the Social Media to Spread the word of God rather than spreading falsehood that has a devastating effect on the on the society.




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