Zunglana, Col. (RTD) Alhaji Mohammed Tahiru in accordance with regulations made by the Electoral Commission under article 51 of the 1992 constitution of the Republic of Ghana was elected as a representative of the Northern Region to serve as a member of the Council of State.

The Council of State is a body of prominent citizens analogous to the council of elders in the traditional political system, which advises the President on national issues.

The Council of State which was established by Articles 89 to 92 of the 1992 constitution states that, โ€œthere shall be a Council of State to counsel the President in the performance of his functionsโ€.

In accordance to this, the Electoral Commission of Ghana conducted elections to elect members of the Council of State concurrently across the 16 regions in Ghana on Friday, 12 February, 2021, to give practical meaning to Articles 89 to 92 of the 1992 constitution.

The Council of State elections for the Northern Region took place at the Northern Regional Coordinating Council in Tamale, where six personalities filed to contest for the position.

The contestants were; Abdul Rashid Mohammed, Zung lana Alhaji Mohamoud Tahidu, Mohamoud Alhassan, Abukari Sadiq, Ras Mubarak and Pishigu Naa Andani Alhassan.

However, two contestants; Mahamoud Alhassan and Abukari Sadiq stepped down for the remaining four to contest.

Zung lana Alhaji Mohamoud pulled 23 votes out of 32 total votes to beat the contenders, Pishigu naa Andani who had 8 votes, followed by Abdul Rashid with 1 vote and Ras Mubarak with zero.

The Northern Regional Director of Electoral Commission, Mr. Lucas Yiryil declared Zung lana Mohamoud Tahidu as a member of the Council of State elect for Northern Region and he was sworn in by the High Court Judge, Justice Rechard Mac Kogyapwah.

The Council of State elect, Zung lana, Alhaji Mahamoud Tahidu thanked the other contestants, and promised to discharge his responsibilities in accordance with the 1992 constitution.

Pishigu naa, Andani Alhassan, congratulated the candidate elect and pledged his support for development of the Northern Region.

The Northern Regional Minister, Hon. Salifu Sa-eed, who represented the President of the Republic of Ghana at the election centre, congratulated the elected candidate and urged him to appropriately advice the President on present matters bothering the peace and security of the region to enhance the atmosphere of peace.

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