Ghana Tourism Authority Programme


The tourist industry in Ghana is known to promote  sustainable tourism that includes: cultural tourism, heritage tourism, recreational tourism, adventure tourism and event tourism. Cultural tourism focuses on festivals and events, whereas heritage tourism focuses on the history of the slave routes


Promoting and marketing the country as a tourist destination in Ghana’s overseas and regional markets. Promoting domestic tourism and creating awareness of the benefits of tourism. Developing strategies for effective marketing and promotion.

Our Vision

is to be the main driver for the growth of Tourism and to see Ghana become the leading sustainable Tourist Destination in West Africa by 2026.

To promote domestic tourism in order to foster cultural cohesion and national integration as well as the re-distribution of income. To improve tourism management information system to ensure tourism development and promotion, particularly in the rural areas.
Activities of the Year (2023)

A. Finance and Administration

B. Marketing (Events and Marketing Activities)
-chocolate day
-emancipation/Panafest day
– UN world Tourism Day
-Festivals (Damba, Bugum)etc

C. Standard and Quality Assurance
– Annual Inspection and Licensing
-Re inspection
– Midyear Budget
– Extension Services

D. Product Development and Investment
– Project sites visit etc
– Visit to potential tourist sites etc

E. Research, Monitoring and Evaluation
– collection of data (tourist sites)
– collection of data (boarder areas and ports)