Regional Agriculture Department









Regional Agriculture Director

Hawa Musah


The Department’s vison is same as MoFA’s vision which is  modernized agriculture culminating in a structurally transformed economy and evident in food security, employment opportunities and reduced poverty in the country.


The Department of Agriculture’s mission is same as MoFA’s mission which is to promote sustainable agriculture and thriving agribusiness through research and technology development, effective extension and other support services to farmers, processors and traders for improved livelihood in the country.


  • Liaise with the RCC and development partners to promote the region’s agriculture;
  • Ensure timely preparation and submission of consolidated annual regional agricultural development programs and budget to the Regional Coordinating Council and the Chief Director of MOFA;
  • Ensure timely mobilization and allocation of resources for the region and their judicious utilization;
  • Monitor and evaluate the performance of regional and district programs and submit reports to RCC and Chief Director
  • Ensure capacity building of staff;
  • Prepare and submit quarterly, semi-annual and annual reports on all agricultural and agricultural related projects, programs and special situational reports to the Chief Director of MOFA and the Regional Coordinating Director


    • Promote agribusiness development in the region;
    • Supervisor and provide technical backstopping for agricultural activities in the region;
    • Liaise with national directorates and relevant research and training institutions for information and assistance for the promotion of the region’s agriculture;
    • Formulate and implement a program of regional capacity building and training for all categories of staff in conjunction with the Regional Human Resource Development Unit;
    • Ensure that agricultural development programs and projects are implemented in accordance with the rules, regulations and quality of standards of MoFA.


             Activities Of 2023

Technology Transfer

The Regional Agriculture Department through its district departments is responsible for the overseeing of agricultural technology diffusion through the management of an extension delivery service in the region. These technologies are disseminated to farmers through home and farm visits, establishment of field demonstrations and the use of electronic media principally radio stations

Among the agricultural technologies demonstrated and disseminated to farmers included:

  • Raising vegetable seedlings
  • Preparation of sunken bed
  • Use of hermetic silo / sack
  • The use of mulch to conserve moisture
  • Safe use and handling of agro-chemicals
  • Determination of moisture content in cereals and legumes
  • Improved livestock housing
  • Soya bean utilization
  • Orange Flesh sweet Potato vine production
  • The use of organic manure to improve soil fertility
  • Postharvest management
  • Processing and utilization of Orange Fresh Sweet Potato (OFSP)
  • Various rice recipes
  • Nursery Management
  • Composting
  • Land preparation (Ploughing and Harrowing across the slope)
  • Linning and pegging
  • Seed testing
  • Planting (Use of Jack planter)
  • Fertilizer application (right amount and dibbling)
  • Insect pest identification
  • Proper control of fall armyworm
  • Use of Inoculum in Soya bean production
  • Improved livestock housing
  • Tree crop apiculture integration, etc.

Demonstration of bund construction for water management


Discussion with farmers on the importance of bund construction



Training of farmers on Biochar preparation at Nanumba North and Mion respectively

         Maize varietal trial demonstration at Nanumba South



Row planting at Nanumba North




Postharvest management

Handing over of hermetic silos to women groups in Zabzugu by Regional Director of Agriculture




Farmers trained on the use of pic sacks in storing grains at Karaga



Disease Surveillance and Vaccination of Livestock

RVO conducting disease surveillance at Zabzugu district with the HOD and other vet officers

PPR vaccination by Veterinary officers at Tolon District









Monitoring and Supervision

One of the core mandates of the Regional Agriculture Department is to monitor and evaluate the performance of agricultural activities in the various MMDAs in the region.




Monitoring of agrochemical/input dealers’ warehouses and shops to ensure compliance to safety regulations


Monitoring visit to groundnut and soybeans farms at Saboba




Monitoring of rice and cassava processing factories at Bimbilla in Nanumba North Municipality




RDA and selected RAOs monitoring packaging of shea butter at Langa in Savelugu Municipality





Hon. Reg. Minister and RDA monitoring Yaa-Naa’s Farms at Yendi