RPCU Projects


1 District Development Facility (DDF) 16(Tamale Metropolitan Yendi Municipal Savelugu, Nanton Tolon, Zabzugu, Gushegu, Saboba, Chereponi Nanumba North, Karaga, Nanumba south, Kpandai, Sagnarigu, Mion, Kumbungu, Tatale-Sanguli) The District Development Facility has two components: The investment Grant and the Capacity Building Grant. The Investment Grant is a funding component for MMDA priority infrastructure projects. The investment Grant is usually given to MMDA’s after they have passed the Functional Organizational Assessment Tool (FOAT). While the capacity Grant is meant to build the capacities of the staff of MMDA’s identified capacity gaps during the assessment.

The Urban Development Grant (UDG) on the other hand is available to only Metropolitan and Municipal Assemblies, hence only Tamale Metropolitan Assembly and Yendi Municipal  Assembly  in The Northern Region are benefitting from the Urban Development Grant  









2 Ghana Secondary Cities Support Project (GSCSP) 2 (Yendi Municipal, Sagnarigu Municipal) Ghana Secondary Cities Support Project (GSCSP) is a Local Government Capacity Support Project (LGCSP) for selected Municipal Assemblies. In the Northern Region, Sagnarigu and Yendi Municipal was selected among others to receive funding for the implementation of various projects in their respective Municipal Assemblies.

The project is in two sub-components, under the sub-components including:

1. A performance-based Urban development grant and 2. Targeted capacity building support to participating MMDA’s






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3 Ghana Productive Safety Net Project (GPSNP) 8 (Mion, Kpandai, Tatale, Nanton, Saboba, Zabzugu, Gushegu Municipal, Nanumba South) The Ghana Productive Safety Net (GPSNP) is a successor project to the Ghana Social Opportunities Project (GSOP). The GPSNP, is implemented in eight (8) MMDAs in the Northern Region. The project was designed to improve the assets of the poor, which includes both productive assets of the poor, which includes both productive assets ( such as livestock or tools, or a household enterprise) and human capital ( such as improved nutrition and educational outcomes), which would enable these households to better meet their basic needs currently or in the future.  





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4 GIZ- Governance For Inclusive Development (GovID) 6 (Tolon, Nanton, Savelugu, Gushegu, Sagnarigu, Tamale Metro) Governance For Inclusive Development (GovID) is a joint programme between the Government of Ghana and the Federal Republic of Germany, implemented by the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) together with the Ministry of Finance and the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development. The Regional Coordinating Councils (RCC) is to support the implementation of the project.

The project promotes reforms in the partner institutions by providing training and targeted specialist advice, supporting process management and encouraging cooperation between institutions by supporting in MMDAs revenue management, transparence in budget management and strengthen the control function of state audit institutions and civil society, enabling public funds to be budgeted and spent in line with national development goals and in compliance with regulations.








5 GIZ- Support For Decentralization Reforms (SFDR) 6 (Tolon, Nanton, Savelugu, Gushegu, Sagnarigu, Tamale Metro) The Development Worker is expected to provide advisory services as well as contribute to the RCC’s strategic and operational objectives in the following areas:

Support the RCC in conducting trainings for the Districts for increasing local revenues (IGF) and strengthening the local economy


Qualify staff of the regional Planning and Coordinating Unit (RPC) in the area of monitoring and evaluation (M&E) e.g. data collection and management


Support the RPCU in reporting and monitoring in order to further support the work of the RCC’s  districts










6 USAID-Advancing Nutrition 6 (Sagnarigu Municipal, Gushegu Municipal, Karaga District, Mion District, Yendi Municipal, Nanton District) From 2020-2022, USAID Advancing Nutrition will Provide technical support and assessment services to advance the Government of Ghana’s effort to improve equitable delivery of quality services that promote household resilience and early childhood growth and development  



7 USAID-Resilience In Northern Ghana (RIING II) 6 (Sagnarigu Municipal, Gushegu Municipal, Karaga District, Mion District, Yendi Municipal, Nanton District ) The goal of this project is to strengthen service delivery systems in order to elicit the adoption of behaviours that promote nutrition and resilience of poor and food-insecure households in Northern Ghana. The activity translates into the following objectives:

1. Local government plan, finance and deliver services that respond to the populations need.

2. Local government, non-governmental, and private entities collectively implement solutions to promote household nutrition and resilience.

3. Citizens influence local service delivery to respond to their needs.





8 SOCO 8 (Gushegu, Karaga, Yendi, Tamale Metropolitan, Tatale-Sanguli, Nanumba North, Sagnarigu and Saboba )